A Christmas freilach / a Hanukkah carol: the music that unites a rabbi and a bishop

januca navidad

“A rabbi and a bishop sharing joy, bringing blessing …”

No. it’s not the beginning of a joke, and they are not entering a bar.

It’s the motto chosen by Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff and Monsignor Pedro Torres, auxiliary bishop of Córdoba (Argentina), friends and members of the Interreligious Committee for Peace (Comipaz).

While returning from a trip, back in 2015, Rabbi Polakoff came up with something to write for Hanukkah and Christmas, seeking to reflect unity and brotherhood among people of different faiths but same hearts.

In dialogue with Radio Maria of Córdoba, on occasion of the release of the first video, Monsignor Torres said that “we build the country together, it is a conviction that we have been announcing for many years.

Marcelo (Rabbi Polakoff) invited me to accompany him in this initiative and I immediately said yes. I wanted to … show that when we are together, it is a source of blessing.”

“We owe each other the possibility and the joy of living the unit appreciating the other, even if it is diverse, and knowing ourselves. If we know each other more and more, many prejudices will fall and beautiful things can be done together “, said the auxiliary bishop of Córdoba.

So far they have recorded three videos. It all started with “It’s already December”:


They continued with “It’s December again”:


And continued with “Jews and Christians, let’s make a toast”:


There are many people waiting for the next one!